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Why Sri Lanka

Named the “comeback kid” by Wanderers in Residence bloggers, Sri Lanka is one of the ‘hottest’ travelling destinations in the world in the recent past. The resilience of the country and its people through its long economic and social struggles is evident by its continuing popularity among travellers from around the globe.

Sri Lanka is truly the Wonder of Asia, if not of the entire world, being blessed abundantly with natural resources and the most welcoming and friendly people. Each and every traveller to the island is delightfully surprised by the warm and caring nature of the people of Sri Lanka. A true rarity in many other countries, the smiling face of a Sri Lankan is the signature mark of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka has so much to offer within its limited extent of land. The entire island is surrounded by the vast Indian Ocean giving plentiful opportunities for beach access and water sports activities. Visiting the beautiful beaches and relaxing is one of the highlights of many visitors to the island. Moving inland, the island is blessed with a large amount of forest reserves spread evenly across the island. A visit to one of the national parks/ forest reserves will provide the visitor the opportunity of experiencing Sri Lanka’s unique wildlife including the rare leopard, Asian elephant, sloth bear, birds, butterflies and many indigenous plants and many more. The hill country alone is an abundance of greenery with vast plantations of tea, waterfalls and pleasant climate unlike the rest of the island.  Apart from natures’ gifts to the island, Sri Lanka has one of the most ancient civilizations of the world. The island is dotted with archaeological evidence bearing proof to these fascinating civilizations, truly the pride of its people.

A visit to the island will not go back empty handed. There is something on offer for every traveller with their very own individual tastes and requirements. Sri Lanka is the destination to be at to experience a package deal of nature, culture, history, adventure, relaxation and many more combined in a exquisite tropical island nation.